Dipl.Ing. Anna Freudenthaler (Petrossian)

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Graduated by the Moscow Architecture Institute and the TU Vienna

• twenty years of experience in the field of architecture,

• seven years the head of her own Architecture Bureau in Moscow

• designer, active graphic artist.

• participant in solo and group exhibitions all over the world,

• teacher in the association "Gifted Child" in Vienna

Contemporary Austrian artist Anna Freudenthaler creates luxurious ink drawings exuding surr eal fantasy and intrigue. Re - conceptualizing our world, she creates a new visual syntax which draws inspiration from the mysterious realm of nature. Her labyrinthine ink creations are portals to a cerebral vision, inviting the audience to delve spiritually into the essence of life. In each composition, fantasy opens doors to phantasmagoric worlds where her figures and serene landscapes are fully imbued with imagination.
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Blending the fantastical with the real, Ms. Freudenthaler's magical drawings articulate the vortex of inner visceral human emotions. Her dream - like forms conjure mystical apparitions which evoke a spellbinding sense of intrigue and fantasy as they metaphorically transcend the distractions of everyday life. Ms. Fre udenthaler's unique artistic vision explores the chimerical interaction of humans' fanciful wonderment with the natural world. Stunning and clever, her subject matter consists of both figurative silhouettes and sublime vistas that are transfigured through the unbridled depths of the imagination where creativity reigns supreme and exhorts fantastical newfound imagery. Employing intricate line work and refined details, her scenes commonly feature elements of earth and sky interconnected in a breathtaking and otherworldly culmination.
Striking and sophisticated, balanced compositions breathe life into her enchanted dream - like dioramas. Dramatic black and white tones are illuminated by stark lighting, which heightens the visceral quality of her expressionist e motional vistas. Achieving a full spectrum of pure blacks, diffused greys and the paper itself, Ms. Freudenthaler showcases the mastering of her medium and her precision of line. The intricate narratives achieve sensational depth through the expertly layer ed ink, as Ms. Freudenthaler integrates patterns and shape intersections throughout each composition. Replete with the fantastic, Ms. Freudenthaler's unexpected personal touches of pattern and transparency elevate elements of the surreal into the sublime. Evocatively expressive, Anna Freudenthaler's art magnetically draws viewers inward, inviting intellectual and emotional contemplation. Free of boundaries, she articulates the essence of emotion and celebrates the human spirit. This gifted, award - winning artist resides in Austria and is internationally celebrated. Ms. Freudenthaler's mesmerizing paintings are treasured in both public and private collections worldwide and have catapulted to a national and international acclaim.
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